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Ideated in a friend’s house party one fine day in 2017, Casino Sans Telechargement took years of careful deliberation to create, and it has only been uphill from then onwards.

Here at Casino Sans Telechargement, readers can rest assured that the articles will always be unique and written with passion. A small dedicated team ensures that the site is always updated with the latest news about all our favourite games, and another keeps it up and running.

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Diane Norton

Hey there! I’m Diane Norton and the founder of casino-telechargement.org- your prime news hub for everything related to casinos and all your favourite games. From entertainment to the latest information on new games, you’ll be sure to catch it all here.

Born and raised in New York, I graduated from the University of New York in the Class of ’16 as an English major. Currently, I work as a freelance writer and editor with several companies, which leaves me just enough time to regularly update my brainchild, casino-telechargement.org.

Most days, the only sunshine I see is while I’m walking Penny, my Dachshund puppy. On the rare occasion that I emerge from my flat alone, I love to stroll around Central Park, or visit the nearest pizzeria with my friends.