Blackjack Tool & Programmes That Will Improve Your Next Game

Whether you’re just starting out on Blackjack or if you’re already an experienced player, it helps to get as much practice as you can before going to the casino. One of the ways to improve your skills would be to use Blackjack software programmes.

These programmes can help simulate common scenarios in Blackjack that players can learn from and overcome. Players will be able to learn more about the rules, strategies and variations of Blackjack in a not-so-risky environment to better prepare them for future games.

Casino Vérité

Recognised by some of the biggest names in the world of Blackjack like Mike Shakleford, Kevin Blackwood and many others, Casino Vérité is considered one of the more popular Blackjack software programmes out there. The programme’s main objective is to simulate a gameplay as similar as how the games would be played in a real casino. This includes anything from basic to advanced strategies, to card counting for beginners. With a wide selection of Blackjack variation to choose from, such as Spanish 21 and Blackjack Switch, players can expect to come out of the programme as a better player.

This programme contains six functions players can make use of: Casino Vérité Blackjack, Casino Vérité CV-Blueprint, CVCX, CVDATA, CV Shuffle as well as CVDATA/Shuffle Track. Don’t let these complex names intimidate you, as there’ll be a virtual assistant who’ll walk you through everything.

Microgaming Blackjack

If the name Microgaming rings a bell, you must’ve been playing in online casinos for quite a bit. Microgaming is more than just a game provider for casinos, as you can see from the title of this article here. Microgaming provides many Blackjack variations for players to choose from, which are categorised under classic software version and the Gold Series version.

An example of a game which is available both in the classic software and Gold Series version would be Atlantic City Blackjack. In the classic software version, players can wager a minimum of $2 and a maximum of $500 throughout the gameplay. As for the Gold Series version, a minimum bet of $5 is required, maxing out at $200. Players can also choose to play either in a single hand or multi-hand version. Other Blackjack variations follows this basic concept, but the gameplay varies depending on the type of Blackjack.

Blackjack Gold

Blackjack Gold is one of the rare few programmes out there that is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices. Similar to the previous two programmes, Blackjack Gold is able to simulate real-life situations during the gameplay, allowing players to learn how to overcome certain obstacles in game. As it is a rather customisable programme, players are able to tailor each game according to their needs. This includes the number of players in the table, which can go up to 7 players, card decks, the minimum and maximum bets of each game, and many more.

Players can choose to play with, not just the computer, but also with friends or family for the option to play with 7 players, as the programme allows human players as well. The programme also offers a variety of Blackjack variants for players to get themselves acquainted with before their next visit to the casino.

Found any programmes of your interest? It’s totally fine if you haven’t, as there are a ton of programmes out there for you to choose from other than the three that we’ve discussed. Who knows, you might be able to utilise some of the strategies you’ve learned in the programmes and use it in your next Blackjack game!

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