What To Look For in Top Quality Slots

Who doesn’t love a good spin on the reels of a wonderfully developed slot game? However, with the ever-increasing number of game developers and so many different casinos to choose from, it may be more challenging now than ever to find a slot game that meets your standards.

A simple solution would be to recognise game developers that have a track record of delivering topnotch games. Other than that, players could also try to look out for these few aspects of a game that would be good indicators of a slot game of quality

High RTP Rates

The bad news is that it’s impossible for players to ever beat the house edge, which is an in-built advantage present in all slots, which guarantees that, over time, the casino will win. The good news is players can still have a say in which games they play, and subsequently, the Return-to-Player rate (RTP) they play at.

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A misconception about RTP rates is that players would definitely get a certain percentage of their bets back. An example would be at the RTP rate of 97%, it’s often believed that of a $1 bet, the player would receive $0.97 back.

RTP rates are calculated over a long period of time and over many bets, so it’s impossible to say how much a person’s singular bet could be won back or lost. What a higher RTP rate can guarantee however, is that the players’ wagers won’t go back to the casino and remain with the players, which means that the chances of getting your bet back, or even winning money is slightly higher than a game with low RTP rates.

Clear and Intricate Graphics

Another good indicator of a quality slot game are games with clear and intricate graphics and detailed animations. If a game has graphics that take your breath away, it’s a good bet that the game developers had poured a lot of time and effort into making the game something that players would enjoy immensely.

Otherwise, if the slot game you’re playing on has graphics that look shoddy, it’s not a guarantee of a bad game, but it may show that the game may not have the quality you’re looking for. Besides, bad quality graphics may make gameplay less exciting and worsen the overall experience, which is definitely not a good sign for the game developers.

Do take note that simple graphics and bad graphics are two entirely different things! Graphics that are simple may still give players an enjoyable time, but bad quality graphics may just make you feel worse after playing.

A great example of good slot game graphics would be these few superhero-themed slot games. While some of these games have simplistic animations, there’s no mistaking that all of these games have amazing graphics.

Clear Description of Bonuses

Clear and concise instructions and description of the game’s bonuses and special features is should be taken into consideration before starting a game and is an aspect that all top-notch games have in common.

If a game doesn’t properly indicate what bonuses they have, or have poorly described instructions, there’s a good chance that the game is not a game that’s up to par with the rest. One of the most important aspects of every game is to ensure that the player understands fully how to play the game, and if the game fails at doing that, it may be best to stay away!

Of course, there are many other indicators that players may use to show which game is of better quality than others, but with these three, players should already be able to differentiate the good apples from the bad ones.

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