Unique Bonuses In Free Casino Games (No Download)

We all love a good slot game with interesting bonuses and amazing payouts. With so many slot games out there, it’s safe to say that there are a lot of interesting bonuses that we have yet to see. While slot players might be aware of the common wilds, scatters and free spins features, there’s a whole world of quirky, unusual bonuses waiting to be explored.

Here’s a list of slot games with unique bonuses that might surprise you:

Who Spun It?

This 5 reel 30 payline mystery slot game developed by Betsoft may seem normal from the outside, but within the game hides an interesting bonus. Upon entering the game, players will find themselves in a big mansion, welcomed by the sight of an old man, a maid, butler, rich lady, a dead body, some detective notes and several other symbols.

When the bonus round is unlocked, players will be given a chance to choose from the five suspects whom they think is the main culprit. Each one of the suspects will award players with different bonuses in the free spins mode. For instance, the butler has the ability to transform one reel into a wild reel during the free spins mode. After a few bonus rounds, players who are lucky may even find the main culprit who committed the murder, and will then be rewarded with amazing payouts.

Blood Suckers

With a high RTP rate of 98%, you may want to head on to a casino app right away and try out Blood Suckers. This 5 reel 25 payline game runs on a vampire theme, which can be considered rather uncommon in casino games. What differentiates this game from the other slot games lies in its rather peculiar bonus round.

As players unlock the bonus round, you’ll find yourself transported into an old tomb with coffins. Players are then required to stab the coffin where they think a vampire is hiding in. The more vampires players slay, the more bonuses players will receive. The bonus round ends when players fail to choose a coffin with a vampire in it.

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Flying Pigs

Flying Pigs is not your typical slot game where you’d spin the reels and wait for aligned symbols to match up. Rather, it works more like a bingo game. Clicking on ‘play’ will release several numbered balls that will hopefully complete all your 4 bingo cards provided.

Well, this is not the only thing that’s unusual about the game, have a look at its bonus rounds and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Once players unlock the bonus round, a weird song will start playing, and the game will then take you to another screen where you’ll be required to grab and throw the pigs back into the fence. Don’t worry about them getting hurt though, the pigs have wings.

There we have it, slot games with unique bonuses. Try out these three slot games if you’re up to discovering something new among all the reel spinning.