3 Slots With All-Time Highest RTP Rates

Go onto any online casinos, and you’ll probably notice the endless rows of slots games filling the home page. Slots dominate at least 70% of most casinos out there, and it should come as no surprise that it is one of the most popular games among all the other casino games.

Before we move on, it would be wise to talk about RTP. RTP, also known as return to player, stands for the amount of wagered money that will be returned to players over a period of time. Most slots have an RTP rate of about 90 to 97%. However, there are also slots with RTP rates of over 97%. What this means for a slot with an RTP rate of 97% is that, after a million over spins, 97% of the wagered money will be returned to players at random. As a player, choosing a slot with a higher RTP rate will ensure that you have a higher chance of winning.

Blood Suckers

One of the rare few vampire-themed slots, Blood Suckers, offers players an RTP rate of 98%. With a minimum bet of €1 and maximum bet of €50, a spin of the reel will reveal how unique this game is, on top of its high RTP rate. Continue on with the game and you might even unlock the bonus round, where you’ll find yourself in a chamber filled with coffins. Slaying the vampires hidden in the coffin will allow the game to reward you generously.

1429 Uncharted Seas

With a slightly higher RTP rate of 98.6%, this slot game not only provides players with impressive winnings, but also stunning graphics. The slot, illustrated as a hand-drawn map with mermaids, peculiar sea creatures, sun, moon and star symbols fill the reels. If you’re lucky enough, the bonus round may even reward you of up to 50 free spins. Give this slot a try, and you’ll surely be mesmerized by the graphics and the rewards the game can offer.

Mega Joker

With an extremely high RTP rate of 99%, it’s a must-try for any slot lover. Mega Joker has one of the highest RTP rate among all the other slots out there. The slot has a minimum bet of €1 up to a maximum bet of €10. What’s special about this slot is that players will stand a chance in winning higher payouts upon activating the ‘Supermeter’ mode.

Not only that, the game is composed of the classic lucky seven, cherry and fruits symbol, enough to satiate those who started out with the old-school slot machines.

Speaking of old-school, here’s a nostalgic trip for you. Find out how well you can remember all the quirks and old-fashioned aspects of gaming that you used to put up with here!

If you’re new to slots, you might want to check out these simple tips and basically, everything you need to know about slots. For more articles about free casino slot games for fun, visit casino-sans-telechargement.org.