What’s the Probability of Winning Online Casino Slots?

Have you ever wondered if winning at slots was entirely based on luck- or if there are other factors affecting the game results? Over the years, slot machines have become a staple game both in landed as well as online casinos, so much so that it has become one of the most popular casino games of all time.

However, unlike games such as blackjack and poker where the outcome of a round can be seen transparently, slot machines can seem shadier in contrast, especially because there is no real reasoning to the results of a spin. This leads many to believe that the odds in slot games are skewed in the favour of the house- which is not entirely true.

RTP Rates and House Advantage

The RTP rate, or also known as Return-To-Player rate, is a rate that applies to every casino game. It refers to the percentage of all wagers placed at the game that is returned to the players. Hence, the higher the RTP rate, the less money that is retained by the casino as profits, and the more that will be given back to the many, many players.

The percentage of the wagers that are retained by the casino, or the house in this case, is called the house advantage or edge. Consequently, when players know the RTP rate of a game, they would naturally know the house edge of the game as well.

It goes without saying that different games have different RTP rates, and that statement remains true when it comes to slot games. The general RTP rate for slot games are 95% to 98%, which may seem very high, but is still not a completely ‘fair’ game to the players.

Certain online casinos list out the game’s RTP rate along with the game description, but in cases where the rate isn’t shown, players can easily look up the RTP rates for that particular game online. The same applies to landed casinos, as they typically don’t display their games’ RTP rates. For the highest RTP rates, spin the reels on these slot games!

Slot Game Mechanics

A misconception about slots is that the symbol combinations are either programmed to not pay out as often, or that both the winnings and how frequently it’s awarded is controlled by casino employees.

While there may have been some unethical casinos and game developers who have done this before, most casinos and developers are bound by law and subsequently, all games that are created will be heavily vetted and checked before the games could be released to the public.

Typically, a slot machine gets its symbol combinations from an in-built random number generator, which ensures that the results are always random. At any time, regardless of whether the game is being played, the slot machine will be coming up with thousands of different combinations. Whenever a player chooses to play, the results of the spin is dependent on which combination the machine has come up with at the exact moment the player pushes the button.

Slot Strategies

As the results of every slot game is generated at random, there aren’t many strategies that one can use to beat the game or increase their chances of winning. There are, however, some things players can take notice of to ensure that they make the best of slot games.

Players should also take note that how much they bet will be directly proportionate to how much winnings they will get. For instance, a higher bet could potentially hit a bigger payout, but the potential for loss if also higher. It is entirely up to the player as to which style they are comfortable with, as both have their pros and cons.

Even though players can try to adopt a certain type of strategy, much of the results will be dependent on the player’s luck. However, if you’re new to slot games, here are some things you should know before playing.

With your newfound knowledge about slot odds, you’re all set to begin playing! For starters, grab some popcorn and spin the reels of these movie-inspired slots.