Play as Sherlock Holmes In These Free Casino Slot Games (No Download, No Registration)

If you’ve ever wondered about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, or even tried to figure out where all your missing socks have disappeared to, you might just be a natural-born detective!

There will always be mysteries that intrigue us and tickle our curiosity, but even though we may never solve them in real life, there’s still an alternative for your mystery-solving skills to be put to the test- namely, mystery-themed slot games!

Who Spun It

With murder locations, weapons, and suspects, Who Spun It is a clever take on the traditional whodunit, one that we’re sure you’ll love! There’s been a murder in the mansion, and it’s up to you, detective, to figure out which one of the five suspects is the murderer. The suspects are comprised of a wealthy heiress, a sharply-dressed man, an old doctor, the fidgety maid and the stoic butler.

Developed by BetSoft, Who Spun It features various special features, such as a free spins bonus round and additional bonus features that players may choose from and apply to their gameplay. In the bonus round, players may choose who they believe to be the murderer and be rewarded for their sleuthing work.

So put your thinking cap on, it’s time to crack the case once and for all.

John Doe

The exact origins of the name John Doe, or Jane Doe where it’s a girl, is unknown- which is why it’s fitting as it’s commonly used for anonymous, fictitious or hypothetical individuals. Specifically, the name is often used in law enforcement or legal cases, representing people who are unidentified or who would rather remain anonymous.

In the case of this slot game however, you’re John Doe, the only detective in town who dares to stand up the atrocious crimes being committed in the city. Collect symbols of magnifying glasses, clue files and shady characters to help you track down the perpetrators and clear the filth off the streets once and for all!

Created by StakeLogic, John Doe’s graphics are simple but with an unmistakable sinister undertone that will make you want to spin the reels until every villain has been brought to justice.

Sherlock Holmes: The Hunt For Blackwood

Last but definitely not the least, we couldn’t make this list without having at least one game that’s inspired by one of the world’s most famous detectives, Sherlock Holmes.

An adaptation of the movie by the Warner Bros. titled simply as Sherlock Holmes, players would find the reels covered with familiar symbols. For instance, the symbols include Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson, as well as several symbolic icons of Sherlock Holmes, such as his pipe and violin.

Crafted by IGT, Sherlock Holmes: The Hunt For Blackwood is a game that’s perfect not only for all Sherlockians, but also for all fans of mysteries.

Whenever you start yearning for a spot of sleuthing, these games should help satisfy your inner detective. If you’re concerned about the quality of these games, you can use these indicators to check how well-developed these games are. Otherwise, if you want to bring justice to criminals and be the hero of the day, these slot games would be perfect for you!